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Hydrogen Tank for Electric Fuelcell Vehicles

DLR Develops Innovative Hydrogen Tank for Electric Fuelcell Vehicles

The modular hydrogen tank consists of individual tubes placed side by side. They are filled with two different solids – black metallic alloys, whose consistency is comparable to that of flour. These storage materials absorb the gaseous hydrogen like a sponge to which it is then bound. This property enables storage of the gas in a small volume under a pressure of 70 bar and normal outside temperature,

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Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy

Using Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy for Molding Plastic

Heat for melting the plastic comes from an array of the company’s “H1” heliostats, and a photovoltaic array on the roof of the container provides energy to rotate the molds and operate other equipment. The company estimates that the now-patented processes can be deployed on over 49% of the Earth’s land area.

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Clean Energy Research Facility

Fraunhofer Clean Energy Research Facility Opened in Boston

Governor Deval Patrick joined representatives from the Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (CSE) to celebrate the opening of the center’s new building in South Boston’s Innovation District. The new facility includes a living laboratory that will support companies and clean energy technologies, and help continue to build Massachusetts’ global-leading clean energy technology cluster.

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University Energy Research

University Energy Research News: Researchers Develop Fuel Cells for Increased Airplane Efficiency

About 10 years ago, the researchers began developing a solid-oxide fuel cell to provide electrical power on commercial airplanes.   Fuel cells offer a clean and highly efficient way to convert the chemical energy in fuels into electrical energy. In addition to increasing fuel efficiency and reducing emissions of harmful pollutants, fuel cells are quiet and would be particularly helpful when a plane is at a gate and the main jet engines are turned off.

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