what oil companies are afraid of

What Oil, Coal and Natural Gas Companies Fear the Most!

In particular Solar Thermal, Concentrated Solar and Photovoltaic solar technologies represent an immediate threat to the fossil fuel industry. Right behind these solar opportunities are wind, bio-fuel and ocean power technologies. Dont rule out how scary the concept of energy efficiency can be to your local utility. They may say they support renewable and energy efficiency but think about it , why would they.

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Wave Energy Resource Potential

Wave Energy Resource Potential for Europe

It is estimated that for Europe alone the yearly available power from waves is 167,100 Megawatts. To put this in perspective the largest nuclear plant in the world has a capacity of 8212 Mwatts. This plant however is in Japan and is currently offline. The largest electricity generating plant in the world ( as of today ) of any type is the Three Gorges hydroelectric dam in China.

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