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Gridshare Crowdfunding Platform for Renewable Energy and Cleantech Launched

Gridshare Crowdfunding Platform for Renewable Energy and Cleantech Launched GridShare website

GridShare LLC ( announced the launch of its independent crowdfunding platform to help renewable energy projects and cleantech companies raise capital. By creating an online platform where investors can independently engage with project owners seeking funding, GridShare is a game-changer for the alternative energy industry.

GridShare is a unique online platform where renewable energy project developers and cleantech companies from around the world post their funding needs. Potential investors can peruse investment opportunities in a variety of renewable energy sectors. GridShare also intends to host funding opportunities for energy efficiency initiatives and early-stage clean technology ventures.

“Raising money has been a huge impediment to the growth of the capital-intensive renewable energy industry,” said Jack Jacobs, CEO and Co-Founder of GridShare. “Now, with GridShare’s help, a project developer or cleantech venture can tap into a new funding channel and ultimately spend less time fundraising and more time focusing on its core business.”

GridShare LLC is funding portal authorized by the SEC and FINRA to conduct securities offerings under SEC Regulation Crowdfunding.  Initial offerings on include a $250,000 secured debt offering for a community solar project, a $350,000 equity offering for a floating solar project, and a $100,000 secured debt offering for a community wind project.

Posting a project on GridShare is free and easy. Once the GridShare team approves the project, it will be published online. Investors will then have the opportunity to review the project details, and invest online. With respect to US offerings, GridShare earns a commission from the offeror only if its funding goal is fully achieved. GridShare also offers optional services, such as assistance in preparing listing materials, filing forms, facilitating investor webinars, and managing the security offerings.

“For too long, large financial institutions and accredited investors have controlled the financing for renewable energy. Finally, project developers like Pristine Sun can rely on GridShare to facilitate innovative solar investments available to all investors,” said Troy Helming, President of Pristine Sun, a major developer of solar projects in the US, and the sponsor of two listings currently hosted on “Pristine Sun can now get support from the crowd to complete its solar projects, and the crowd can now own part of our projects and participate in the growing market for clean energy in the United States.”

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