Clean Energy Technology For Remote Communities

Access to Clean Energy Technology Could Change The Lives Of Millions Of People.

There are over 750 million people in the world that live in remote locations such that there only source of electricity comes from diesel generators. Diesel is expensive to transport and handle to these locations and it reduce air quality while contributing to climate change through CO2 emissions.

Many of these people are indigenous and live close to some major waterway be it a river mouth or ocean. In this video you will learn about a company that is focusing on bringing clean renewable marine energy to these remote locations.

The lecture is given by Chris Sauer, President & CEO, Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC).

A Leader in Clean Energy Technology.

ORPC considers themselves as an international leader in the marine renewable energy field, Ocean Renewable Power
Company (ORPC) is the only company in the world to deliver power to shore from both tidal and river energy projects.

ORPC’s marine renewable energy technology offers communities a locally owned and produced renewable electricity supply; reduction in greenhouse gas; minimization of environmental risks associated with diesel; and a number of other local economic benefits.

About the lecturer.

Chris Sauer is President and CEO, and a founding member of ORPC. Chris has more than 40 years of experience in executive management, engineering, construction, project development, marketing, financing, and startup company formation in the electricity, cogeneration, renewable energy and energy efficiency industries. He has held senior management positions with two major U.S. corporations and led three startup energy/environmental technology companies. Involved in the energy transaction business since 1977, Chris has played an instrumental role in the development of more than $2 billion in energy assets and companies.

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Gordon's expertise in the area of industrial energy efficiency and alternative energy. He is an experienced electrical engineer with a Masters degree in Alternative Energy technology. He is the co-founder of several renewable energy media sites including Solar Thermal Magazine.

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