Highest Efficiency Solar Panel Now In Australia

Highest Efficiency Solar Panel Now In Australia
Highest Efficiency Solar Panel Now In Australia

The Benefits Of A High Efficiency Solar Panel.

The higher the efficiency of solar pv power systems the more cost effective it is for home owers. Higher efficiecy means that you can produce more power with less system and as long as the panels do not increase in cost, means a quicker payback period. 

SunPower Corporation, a global solar technology and energy services provider, is now making its 22 percent efficient X-Series solar panel available to residential customers in Australia.

The X22-Series solar panel from SunPower is the highest efficiency solar panel available today, converting more sunlight to electricity than conventional panels. With an unprecedented 22.2 percent nameplate efficiency, SunPower® panels produce 60 percent more energy from the same space over the first 25 years. It only takes 16 SunPower panels to produce as much power as 25 conventional panels, which means homeowners require fewer panels to generate the same amount of electricity.

“SunPower solar panels offer superior aesthetics and a sleek appearance for any roof, and their high efficiencies offer long-term value to customers by generating more clean energy in less space,” said Chris O’Brien, SunPower’s managing director, Australia.

They’re also backed by the industry’s best 25-Year Combined Product and Power Warranty. While traditional solar warranties offer minimal coverage for just 10 years, SunPower provides comprehensive protection and peace-of-mind for more than twice as long.

High Efficiency Solar Panels.

SunPower’s X-Series solar panels are made with third-generation SunPower® Maxeon® solar cells that are built on a solid metal foundation for high reliability and performance. This makes them virtually impervious to the corrosion and cracking that typically degrade conventional panels, and extremely well-suited for the harsh and varied climatic conditions found across Australia.

Features of the SunPower X-Series panels that make them especially ideal for Australian roofs include:

  • Higher efficiency, in the same amount of space. The SunPower X-Series solar panels generate more power from the same panel footprint as the SunPower E-Series panels. And when compared to conventional panels, X-Series solar panels generate more power per square meter, making them ideal for space-constrained rooftops.
  • Superior low-light and spectral response, generating electricity earlier in the morning and longer in the evening than conventional panels.
  • Excellent performance at high temperatures, allowing for more electricity generation on hot rooftops.
  • Enhanced energy production in conditions of partial or temporary shading, as well as soiling.Homeowners in Australia can now choose from a suite of SunPower solutions including the newly available 360-watt SunPower X22-Series panel, the 345-watt SunPower X21-Series panel with an efficiency of 21 percent, as well as the company’s E-Series solar panels which range from 19 to 20 percent efficient.

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