Electric Car Future A Sure Thing?

Do We Want An Electric Car Future?

Tesla Motors shook the automotive world a few years ago bringing to market what many of the mainstream car makers said was not feasible or even impossible. An electric design that can compete with conventional gasoline engine cars for handling,acceleration, looks and to some extent cost.

The company started by designing a relatively high end sports car based on an earlier design from Lotus, called the Tesla Roadster. This first design gave the company an opportunity to highlight their new electric drive and battery technology in a vehicle design that was already proven.

Fast forward to 2017 and not only does Tesla have multimple electric car models for sale and more on the drawing boards, but now almost all of the mainstream auto makers have electric cars as part of thier product strategy. Every company from Ford and GM to Volkswagen and Mercedes have electric cars ready for consumers and many more on the design plan.

What Is The Electric Car Future?

Will the march of electric car technology be able to continue once changes are made to the US clean air act or preference given to the fossil fuel industry? Are electric cars really what consumers want?

Here is what the head of Renault Nissan thinks about the electric car future.

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