Will Clean Energy Entrepreneurs Put An End To The Oil Industry?

Will Clean Energy Entrepreneurs Put An End To The Oil Industry?
Will Clean Energy Entrepreneurs Put An End To The Oil Industry?

The Power Of The Clean Energy Entreprenuers.

Clean energy generation and enabling technology start up companies are developing many ways to convert and store renewable energy sources into clean electricity. Companies such as Tesla Motors and SolarCity are putting extreme pressure on existing industries to develop their technologies or risk being left out in the cold as far as consumers are concerned.

Electric vehicles are quickly becoming a viable solution for city commuters with the driving ranges starting to be close to the magic 300 mile mark. Charges times are also getting faster and the number of charge stations are expanding throughout Europe and North America.

Battery based energy storage systems like the Tesla Solarwall and many others are being introduced to consumer and utility markets. When economical energy storage becomes a reality, the limit for intermittant renewable energy sources will be completely removed.

This will spell the end for the oil and coal industry and countries that are heavily vested in dirty fuel will suddenly find themselves with left over fossil fuels resources that no-one wants or needs.

Clean Energy Entreprenuers May Change The World.

See what entreprenuer Elon Musk thinks about the impact 100% clean energy will have around the world.

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