Bringing Free Solar Power To The Poor

The Gift Of Free Solar Power.

GivePower Foundation, a non-profit organization that uses solar energy technologies to deliver essential community services to the developing world, was awarded a second $500,000 grant from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, totaling $1 million in grant funding in the past year.

Funds from the new grant will support GivePower’s expansion into seven strategic sectors – education, water, health, food security, economic development, telecommunications and conservation – and help provide the equipment, training and labor for solar installations across the globe. The donation is part of the continued partnership between Bank of America Charitable Foundation and GivePower Foundation, which together have brought light to nearly 1,000 schools and communities since 2015.

More Free Solar Power Needed.

The projects completed not only serve the immediate need of bringing solar power to areas that currently lack basic energy infrastructure, but also contribute to long-term solutions by providing opportunities that come with reliable electricity access such as improved communication, increased earning potential, better air and water quality, and more.

“We are extremely honored to receive our second grant from Bank of America Charitable Foundation and grateful for its continuous support in our mission to empower villages and communities through solar energy,” said Hayes Barnard, President of GivePower Foundation.

This generous donation will further help GivePower Foundation bring critical community services to people who need it the most.

This donation aligns with Bank of America’s commitment to help transition to a sustainable low-carbon future. Last year, Bank of America committed more than $16 million in environmental philanthropy to provide sustainable solutions to real challenges facing the communities in which it operates around the world.

“Access to affordable and clean energy is critical to ensuring the potential of communities around the world and is a core objective of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,” said Alex Liftman, Global Environmental executive at Bank of America.

We’re pleased to continue our partnership with GivePower Foundation and bring the opportunities created by clean power to even more communities around the world.


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