Want To Buy A North Carolina Solar Farm?

Want To Buy A North Carolina Solar Farm?
Want To Buy A North Carolina Solar Farm?

A North Carolina Solar Farm Development Company, Innovative Solar Systems has just announced that the company is in the process of selling off almost one gigawatt (1GW) of Utility Scale size Solar Farm projects from the company’s current pipeline of over ten gigawatts (10GW’s) they have in various development stages for the 2017 calendar year.

ISS has quickly become known in the industry for developing and selling some of the largest, highest rate of return and most pristine Solar Farms in the U.S. We recently had a conversation with the ISS CEO to better understand just what sets ISS apart from the competition when it comes to these 20MW to 80MW Utility Scale projects.

ISS’s CEO clearly stated that there are many factors that make ISS projects special,

1) Easier build sites,

2) Lower Install Costs,

3) Better PPA’s, and

4) ISS’s Ability to Provide Projects at “Shovel Ready”, NTP or at COD in a Turn-Key Manner.

Pension Funds and Investors from all over the World are now in talks with ISS about either a Strategic Merger or Equity Purchase of the company due to ISS’s strong foot hold in the Solar Farm Industry. It was recently announced that one of ISS’s clients that had previously purchased almost twenty large scale projects from ISS is being bought out by Solar Industry giant for somewhere north of Billion US Dollars. That Merger or buy out was purely dictated by the fact that one company needed the skills and talents of the other to grow faster and get larger in the Solar Farm market place faster.

According to ISS.

There are no Solar Farm development companies in the US that has the reputation, magnitude or size of project portfolios that ISS currently has in development. The company has Billions of Dollars of Projects in Development thus making ISS a quite valuable partner to those seeking to enter the US Solar Farm Market in a big way.

To inquire about purchasing any of our current 20MW to 80MW size projects please contact us below.

Contact Mr. Rob Hunter – VP of Operations
Email – [email protected]
Direct Line: (828)-338-9871
Office: (828)-232-7191

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