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Solar Powered Australian Family Farm

Solar Powered Australian Family Farm

Cotton farms need a lot of water and therefore a lot of energy and they are often located in remote locations. This remoteness drives often means that the farmer has no choice but to use diesel electric generators to power the many water pumps needed for irrigation.

Located in central-west New South Wales of Australia, the suburb of Narromine is home to the Gill family that grows winter crops and cotton. Andrew Gill looked to reduce their pumping costs and approached YINGLI 4 YOU partners, Solar Pumping Solutions to develop a resolution that would primarily decrease their high diesel costs, elevate time consuming maintenance costs derived from bore, provide user friendly remote monitoring and fit to a budget.

Solar power makes so much sense for remote locations. Dragging gallons of diesel fuel from miles away everyday is expensive as well as being not environmentally friendly.

Soon we are sure to move solar powered Australian farms.

Accordig to Wikipedia:

Solar power in Australia is a relatively recent phenomenon. As at September 2016, Australia had over 5,440 megawatts (MW) of installed photovoltaic (PV) solar power,with 692 MW of PV having been installed in the preceding 12 months. PV contributed to 2.4% of Australia’s electrical energy for 2014-2015. The installed PV capacity in Australia has increased 10-fold between 2009 and 2011.

Feed-in tariffs and mandatory renewable energy targets designed to assist renewable energy commercialisation in Australia have largely been responsible for the rapid increase.

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