Billionaires Form Clean Energy Fund

A Clean Energy Fund To Help Great Ideas Become Reality.

Lately we are seeing more and more billionaires making the news. In the case of the US where the new Trump administration seems to be either billionaires or ex-miliary it is unclear what their eventual impact will  be. There are other such people however where it is very clear what they intent to do with some of their money.

A group of billionaires including Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos along with many other rich investors have created a multi billion dollar fund specifically aimed at supporting new clean energy startups. Climate change is accelerating and the global level of atmospheric CO2 now exceeds 400 ppm. It is only through new investments in clean energy that we are going to have any hope at all of changing our current direction.

New ideas do not become consumer products or processes without a lot of research money during the intial concept and prototype develop stages. Cash flow or more specifically, the lack of cash flow is the cause of the majority of bankruptcy cases for new companies. When it comes to clean energy the entire world has a vested interest in making sure good ideas become reality. This clean energy fund is meant to do just this.

Clean Energy Fund Is The Right Thing To Do.

I hope that other well off individuals around the world will follow suit and support the critical move from fossil fuels to clean energy. There is only so much money you can spend on fast cars and houses right, and clean energy needs the tender loving care of some forward thinking investors like this group.

Investment money for research into new clean energy technology such as wind,wave,tidal,geothermal,biomass,solar pv,solar thermal,concentrated solar, biofuel as well as supporting technologies like energy storage and electric vehicles will change the world as we know it. Money well spent for all of us.

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