Robert Redford On Clean Energy And The Risks Of Climate Change

Do You Accept The Risks Of Climate Change?

There are some celebrities in the world, that at some point in their career, maybe as a result of their success or bank accounts that feel the need to give something back. When it comes to climate change and clean energy, their contribution is to help bring awareness and credibility to the cause.

It is not like they are real scientist or engineers, even though they may have played one in a movie or on tv.

This is actually a significant contribution when you consider how the opinion of one misinformed or misdirected politician can impact the opinion of so many people. In this video, Robert Redford ( yes he has seen better days, but haven’t we all) talks about the current risks with climate change and the opportunities that we have to work together to reduce them.

If efforts like this can help to actually bring us ( the world ) together to solve a real common problem then really I think many more celebrities should be speaking out.

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