Training Vocational Students In Solar Power System Installation

Training Vocational Students In Solar Power System Installation
Training Vocational Students In Solar Power System Installation

Solar Power System Installation Training.

Renewable energy is becoming so important for the world of today but in the future it will dominate the world’s energy markets. The younger generation that is growing up with the knowlege of man made climate change and how renewable energy can impact the weather and environment will look at the world in a different way.

The time to start to teach the younger generations about solar power and clean energy is as early as possible. Here are a few responsible solar energy companies that are taking this challenge on themselves for training of vocational students.

Boviet Solar USA, is collaborating with Spice Solar and the San Jose Conservation Corps and Charter School (SJCC&CS) to help train vocational students in solar system installation. Boviet Solar USA has donated three different types of solar panels to the SJCC, and Spice Solar, innovators in rooftop module mounting systems, is providing SJCC students with hands-on training in rooftop solar installation.

The SJCC&CS provides “at risk” young men and women with secondary education courses and training in basic skills such as communication, computer literacy, and employment instruction, allowing them to earn a high school diploma and receive vocational career training.

As part of the program, SJCC&CS provides hands-on construction experience and on-the-job training though its job training programs. To support the job training programs, Boviet Solar USA and Spice Solar collaborated to provide instruction in solar system installation. Boviet provided three types of solar modules and Spice Solar provided instruction in rooftop solar installation. More than 40 students have already received training in rooftop solar installation techniques, safety, and best practices.

“Thanks to Boviet Solar USA and Spice Solar we are able to offer SJCC&CS students hands-on training in solar systems installation and repair, which is one of the hottest construction job markets in Silicon Valley,” said Thomas Albrecht, Advanced CTE Director for the SJCC&CS.

Through our job training program we are not only able to train students as solar installers, but many of them are paid to apprentice with local solar companies. This is an ideal example of the SJCC&CS job training mission; to create on-the-job training and employment opportunities for our students working side by side with leading industry professionals.

Boviet Solar USA has donated three different types of PV modules to the SJCC&CS, including eight BVM6610M-260 250-270W monocrystalline modules, eight BVM6610P-260 256-270W polycrystalline modules, and eight BVM6612P-320 300-320W polycrystalline PV modules. Boviet Solar USA also is using the SJCC installation for real-time performance monitoring of its PV modules. The installation offsets approximately 15 percent of the school’s electrical costs.

“Boviet is always ready to help train the next generation of solar professionals,” said Eric Ma, PhD, President and Managing Director of Boviet Solar USA.

Working with partners such as Spice Solar and organizations like the SJCC&CS allows us to provide practical training using our solar modules. As a bonus, we get a working test bed to monitor module performance. This is the type of alliance where all the parties win, especially students interested in the solar industry.

“Spice Solar is pleased to partner with Boviet and the SJCC YouthBuild program,” said Barry Cinnamon, CEO of Spice Solar.

By providing real on-the-job training using Spice Solar Built-In racking, these future solar installers experience the latest in solar power mounting systems that make installing rooftop solar faster and less expensive.

About Spice Solar

With over 35 years of rooftop solar experience, Spice Solar has reinvented rooftop solar installations with an integrated solution that redesigns the frames of the solar panel for high load capacity installations at substantially reduced costs. By integrating the racking into the panel frames, solar installers can save on parts and labor on any rooftop installation. Now in its third generation, the Spice Solar solution has proven to reduce design, equipment and labor costs on every job.

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About Boviet Solar USA

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Boviet Solar USA is the North American arm of Boviet Solar Technology Co. Ltd., the largest manufacturer of solar cells and panels in Vietnam. A wholely owned subsidiary of Powerway Alloy Materials Co., Boviet Solar USA delivers commercial-grade solar modules, cells, and related products to contractors, integrators, and distributed generation (DG) providers across the country. Boviet Solar USA offers innovative, state-of-the-art technology products developed and manufactured at the company’s 530,000 square foot facility in Vietnam, which is designed to produce 700MW of solar cell and module capacity each year. Boviet Solar USA also delivers solar products where and when they are needed, shipping from six fully stocked warehouses located in Arizona, California, Georgia, New Jersey, and South Carolina.

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