Europe Joins Together For Advanced Solar Energy Research

Europe Joins Together For Advanced Solar Energy Research
Europe Joins Together For Advanced Solar Energy Research

Investments in advanced solar energy research will lead to new ideas and ideas can lead to discoveries, patents, new products and ultimately new jobs. The countries and universities that band together for solar research gain an advantage of scale and enjoy a reduced financial risk.

Together the are stronger and can worker faster and more efficiently than on their own.

In Europe, a team of laboratories has banded together in just this way. Each of the labs have on staff around ten researchers while together they are 250 researchers. Their focus is to move past the one size fits all design of today’s silicon based solar modules that are esentially a finished product to one that can be customized during the next production steps.

These teams are using their collective resources and brain power to attach this challenge in a organized way. They are working to create advancements in solar technology such as films and even sprays that can be used to provide solar power to so many consumer devices. Everything from home solar to electonics to electic vehicles could benefit from such advancements.

The research is very secret as you can imagine. They cannot afford for the new developments to be stolen by China or the USA before they had the chance to explore and commercialize them as patents. The world is becoming more competitive when it comes to solar power because the stakes for the leaders are so very high.

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