European Clean Energy Plan To Create 900,000 New Jobs Over The Next Decade

European Clean Energy Plan To Create 900,000 New Jobs Over The Next Decade
European Clean Energy Plan To Create 900,000 New Jobs Over The Next Decade

A European Clean Energy Plan .

The European Commission has presented a package of measures to keep the European Union competitive as the clean energy transition is changing the global energy markets. The Commission wants the EU to lead the clean energy transition, not only to adapt to it.

For this reason the EU has committed to cut CO2 emissions by at least 40% by 2030 while modernising the EU’s economy and delivering on jobs and growth for all European citizens.

The proposals have three main goals:

  • Putting energy efficiency first,
  • Achieving global leadership in renewable energies, and providing a fair deal for consumers.
  • Consumers are active and central players on the energy markets of the future.
  • Consumers across the EU will in the future have a better choice of supply, access to reliable energy price comparison tools and the possibility to produce and sell their own electricity.
  • Increased transparency and better regulation give more opportunities for civil society to become more involved in the energy system and respond to price signals.
  • The package also contains a number of measures aimed at protecting the most vulnerable consumers.

The Clean Energy for All Europeans legislative proposals cover energy efficiency, renewable energy, the design of the electricity market, security of electricity supply and governance rules for the Energy Union. In addition the Commission proposes a new way forward for Ecodesign as well as a strategy for connected and automated mobility.

The package also includes actions to accelerate clean energy innovation and to renovate Europe’s buildings. It provides measures to encourage public and private investment, promote EU industrial competitiveness and mitigate the societal impact of the clean energy transition. We are also exploring ways in which the EU can show further leadership in clean energy technology and services to help third countries achieve their policy goals.

The Commission’s “Clean Energy for All Europeans” proposals are designed to show that the clean energy transition is the growth sector of the future – that’s where the smart money is. Clean energies in 2015 attracted global investment of over 300 billion euros. The EU is well placed to use our research, development and innovation policies to turn this transition into a concrete industrial opportunity. By mobilising up to 177 billion euros of public and private investment per year from 2021, this package can generate up to 1% increase in GDP over the next decade and create 900,000 new jobs.


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