Austria Dropped Nuclear Power For A Clean Energy Future.

Austria Dropped Nuclear Power For A Clean Energy Future.
Austria Dropped Nuclear Power For A Clean Energy Future.

Decide To Have A Clean Energy Future.

There was time when nuclear power was seen as the unlimited power source for the future. Nuclear fission power plants were build the world over from Canada to Isreal. It never seemed to occur to anyone that the technology may be more danger than it is worth or that even fissionable material is more limited than fossil fuels are.

After all, you need to dig it out of the ground and most of the reserves are in Canada and Russia. This reality however is not the reason why nuclear fussion power plants have not saved the world as we had hoped. The current lack of enthusiam for nuclear energy is due to three major accidents that have changed our perceptions.

In order occurance we have had accidents at Three Mile Island in the US, Chernobly in the Ukraine and Fukushima in Japan. This may not be the last ones either as we still have 450 nuclear power plants online and 60 new ones under construction around the world.

In some countries however clean energy has replaced all plans for nuclear power today and tomorrow. They have committed to a clean energy future.

The Zwentendorf nuclear power plant in Austria never went online after voters decided against nuclear power in a referendum.For over 40 years it has sat idle as a monument to what not to do.

Today, some 60 percent of electricity in Austria is generated from renewable sources.

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