Solar Energy Training For U.S. Coal Workers Or Vice Versa?

Solar Energy Training For U.S. Coal Workers Or Vice Versa?
Solar Energy Training For U.S. Coal Workers Or Vice Versa?

US Solar Energy Training.

Some people do not actually believe that there will come a day when we will no longer need to want to use fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas or oil. It is obvious however that already the percentage of renewable energy generation has grown around the world and that falling prices for solar pv is making it even more attractive.

It is also true that the global demand for fossil fuels has decreased even though economic times have been relatively good. The price for gasoline or natural gas is continuing to fall and the adoption of electric transportation options is on the increase.

All of this means that it is likely that in the near future there will be less and less demand for workers in the fossil fuels industry. Just look at the US coal and oil industry that has laid off something like forty percent of the work force in the last 2 years.

As fossil fuels give way to renewables the number of jobs that have and will become available dwarf that of fossil fuels. However how to do we ensure that the displaced fossil fuels workers are given the training and opportunity to move into the renewable jobs?

The Important Of Solar Energy Training In The U.S.

This is the focus of the video call below and should be of much interest to our US readers as we watch what will happen with 2017 US energy policy. Will president elect Trump really somehow create an economic environment that will bring back coal and oil jobs, even if it is at the expense of far more renewable energy jobs? If so will renewable energy jobs start to disappear or will it be that no new jobs are created?

This interview will help us to understand the factors involved.

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