Forget Nuclear Fusion – Affordable Renewable Energy Storage Is Key

Forget Nuclear Fusion - Affordable Renewable Energy Storage Is Key
Forget Nuclear Fusion - Affordable Renewable Energy Storage Is Key

The Game Changer That Is Affordable Renewable Energy Storage.

The costs for wind and solar energy continue to fall and researchers are finding new ways to make the technologies associated with them cheaper and more efficient. We are at critical point with these technologies where they are becoming the most economical energy choice but only when the wind blows and the sun shines.

In order to be use these technologies to their fullest extend and benefits we need to be able to over produce the electricity and store it. What this means is that in order to go further with renewable energy adoption the combined price of renewable electricity plus energy storage must be at least at par with grid power.

Here is a very smart women that started her career working to make nuclear fusion generators a reality but quickly realized that the problem of climate change is so pressing that we need solutions earlier than what nuclear can achieve. Instead of working on technology that cannot be ready untill 2050, she starting working to solve the affordable energy storage problem.

She and her company have patented a reversible compressed air energy storage system for renewable power that is a factor of 2 times cheaper that existing systems. She has solved the physical delema that exists with the compression of air namely rapid heat generation by using water to cool the air on compression and solar thermal to heat it on expansion.

Take a look and see what you think about this inovative approach to renewable energy storage and air compression in general.

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