A Look Back At Last Years Clean Energy Predictions

A Look Back At Last Years Clean Energy Predictions
A Look Back At Last Years Clean Energy Predictions

How Accurate Are Clean Energy Predictions?

Hindsight is 20/20. This a very true statement even when we are talking about the advancement of clean energy. Every year we hear about grand or supprising  ( that is why we listen right? ),predictions for the coming year but how many of them even come to close the realty of what actually happens?

In the past as a society, we have transistioned from one energy source to the next. Mankind has moved from burning wood to burning coal and then liquid or gaseous fossil fuels. Today there are many different possible sources of energy including, natural gas, nuclear, coal ,biomass and a range of other renewable energy options.

However there may not be as many viable options as we think. Coal is quickly being considered as just too dirty. Nuclear fission after the disaster in Japan, is now considered by many as just too dangerous.

Natural gas from fracking especially in the US, is expanding at a rapid rate, driving down the costs to consumers. However, there is rising evidence that fracking as performed today is poisoning the water table and causing earthquakes!  So what does this leave us with?

So What Are Our Clean Energy Predictions?

This leaves us wanting to predict what will happen with clean energy in 2017 and beyond right?  I am sure there will be many different projections coming soon.


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