The Story Of An Energy Self Sufficient Family Living In The USA

To Be Energy Self Sufficient.

There is a new dream emerging with homeowners and home buyers around the world. It is the dream of zero energy bills and complete independance from the power companies. This dream is catching on and developers and construction companies are starting to see a business opportunity.

To make this dream a reality we must look to the concept of a net zero energy building or NZEB for short.A zero-energy building is a building with zero net energy consumption and zero carbon emissions annually.

Energy Plus Buildings.

Buildings that produce a surplus of energy over the year may be called “energy-plus buildings” and buildings that consume slightly more energy than they produce are called “near-zero energy buildings” or “ultra-low energy houses”.

This net zero home uses solar heated hotwater

This net zero home uses solar heated hotwater

Electric vehicles are becoming more vaiable as an alternative to combustion engine vehicles everyday. Combining a net zero or positive energy building with a electric family car is a fabulous combination! In this video the homeowner has done so many cool things to realize his dream of energy self sufficienty. This include solar pv, solar hotwater, geothermal and electric trasnportation.

A Chevy Volt in the garage of a New Jersey Net Zero home

A Chevy Volt in the garage of a New Jersey Net Zero home

Traditional buildings consume 40% of the total fossil fuel energy in the US and European Union and are significant contributors of greenhouse gases.The zero net energy consumption principle is viewed as a means to reduce carbon emissions and reduce dependence on fossil fuels and although zero energy buildings remain uncommon even in developed countries, they are gaining importance and popularity.

Make The Dream To Be Energy Self Sufficient A Reality In New Jersey.

Most zero energy buildings use the electrical grid for energy storage but some are independent of grid. However with advancements in home energy storage technology from companies such as Tesla with their Powerwall product this is changing. Soon your home clean energy generation will be stored in your home energy storage units giving the home owner a clean break from their utilities.

Energy is usually harvested on-site through a combination of energy producing technologies like solar and wind, while reducing the overall use of energy with highly efficient HVAC and lighting technologies. The zero-energy goal is becoming more practical as the costs of alternative energy technologies decrease and the costs of traditional fossil fuels increase.

The development of modern zero-energy buildings became possible not only through the progress made in new energy and construction technologies and techniques, but it has also been significantly improved by academic research, which collects precise energy performance data on traditional and experimental buildings and provides performance parameters for advanced computer models to predict the efficacy of engineering designs.

The zero-energy concept allows for a wide range of approaches due to the many options for producing and conserving energy combined with the many ways of measuring energy (relating to cost, energy, or carbon emissions).

I don’t know about you but I am very excited about the possibility of being able to afford to be energy self sufficient and kissing the utility companies good bye for ever.

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