Bill Gates On His 7$ Billion Green Energy Investment

Bill Gates On His 7$ Billion Green Energy Investment
Bill Gates On His 7$ Billion Green Energy Investment

A Huge Green Energy Investment.

Clean energy technology at this point in time, need financial support for new research. We are getting closer to solving some of the biggest challenges for renewable energy and now is not the time to stop investing.

We are so close to battery technology that will make electric cars affordable and effective. This same energy storage technology will allow us to increase our percentage of renewable energy up to an including 10o percent.

There are some supprising clean energy technologies that also need to be investigated further such as high altitude wind power, wave energy and many others. In this video we hear from entreprenuer and billionaire Bill Gates talk about his vision for clean energy and specifically his recent 7$ billion green energy fund,

More Green Energy Investment Needed.

It is this type of vision that we need so much more of from not only billionaires but also universities,companies and governments. Talk a look.


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