Steven Chu On The Clean Energy Revolution

The Inevitable Clean Energy Revolution.

Steven Chu is back at Stanford University after a four and a half year sebatical where he acted as the U.S. Secretary of Energy. In this video he outlines the scientific and economic truth about where we are in the US, with clean energy adoption.

As the price of electricity generated by wind turbines falls below the market price for the utility, the fossil fuel industry is starting to realize that something is happening that they will be powerless to stop. Future contracts for US wind energy in Texas are being signed right now for 2 cents oper kilowatt hour. This is well below what electricity from a new coal plant can be priced.

Steven Chu On The Clean Energy Revolution

Steven Chu On The Clean Energy Revolution

Solar energy is following the same fast decline in cost of generation.

Once the percentage of intermittant renewable energy starts to approach 50 % wew will need to redefine the electric grid. Hand in hand with renewable energy adoption we must also add energy storage to the electric grid.

It was not until Henry Ford, developed a process to manufacture gasoline based automobiles that were affordable to the average person that the world started to move away from the horse and buggy. In the very near future electric cars will have the range that consumers expect and the price that they need to start a dramatic change.

In this video, Steven Chu walks us through the advances we’ve made and the challenges we still face as we transition from a fossil fuel economy to one based on renewables such as wind and solar. He speaks of the need to develop lighter, cheaper, rapidly charging batteries to speed the transition to affordable, functional, electric vehicles. He also stresses the need to support research into technologies such as carbon recycling that would make energy production truly sustainable.

Dr. Chu ends his talk by reminding us that the Earth is our home and we need to commit to caring for it.

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