Inside A Compressed Air Car

Inside A Compressed Air Powered Car
Inside A Compressed Air Powered Car

The Age Of The Compressed Air Car?

An air powered vehicle is thought to be the most energy efficient type of automobile. If this is true then we should take a look and see the components used in such as car. Learning about how an air powered car works will give us insight into whether we agree that it will be the future for transportation.

This is actually an air over oil ( hydraulic ) drive transmission series hybrid design. Series hybrid because the vehicle design includes a small combustion engine that pressurizes the hydraulics and the compressed air. It is possible to design a compressed air car that can run for over 300 miles on a two cubic ft pressure canister of air. The air will need to be compressed to 10,000 psi which is far lower than even many SCUBA tanks that divers strap to their backs every time they dive.

Easily Possible Is An Emissons Free Compressed Air Car

Electric motors using solar electricity can easily be used to repressurize a compressed air tank so it is possible to make this vehicle to be truely emissions free.

Take a look and see for yourself why in many countries compressed air vehicles are making a comeback.

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