How Important Are Clean Energy Careers?

How Important Are Clean Energy Careers?
How Important Are Clean Energy Careers?

Educating Today’s Youth For Clean Energy Careers.

How important is it for young people to not only become enthusiastic about clean energy but also to become knowlegable about it? The energy engineers of tomorrow are the public and high school students of today.

In the UK, many are taking clean energy education for young people very serioulsy as you will hear in this video. Renewable energy careers are not only important to society but they are also very high paying and satisfying careers. Student shoud be encouraged to pursue clean energy careers and great efforts should be made to educate them and give them the necessary skills.

There are so many different types of careers available. The industry needs skills ranging from sales,marketing,finance and human resources to engineers, scientists and technicians. Part of any students early education should be an exploration of all the possible clean energy jobs.

Climate change is not likely to solve itself. We will need an army of commited researchers and clean energy workers to put in the hard work that is needed to reverse the impact of 100 years of unfettered burning of fossil fuels. It is so important that we support all efforts to expand people’s understanding of climate change, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

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Gordon's expertise in the area of industrial energy efficiency and alternative energy. He is an experienced electrical engineer with a Masters degree in Alternative Energy technology. He is the co-founder of several renewable energy media sites including Solar Thermal Magazine.

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