Clean Energy Jobs In Lancaster California – BYD Electric Bus Factory

Clean Energy Jobs Are Great Jobs!

Clean energy and technology has the ability to completely revitalize a local economy. Opponents of clean energy like to talk about the jobs that will be lost in the coal, natural gas and oil industry. In truth many of these jobs are already disappearing due to lack of demand.

The electrification of all of our transportation industry is very much related to the move to clean energy, but it also is because the technology is ready and provides superior performance to what was available today. Electric cars and motorcycles have better acceleration than combustion engine models and require significantly less maintenance.



The same goes for public transportation. Electric and fuel cell electric buses are becoming very popular with cities all over the world placing large orders. Less maintenance means less operating costs and zero emissions means a reduction in air pollution in their cities.

Here is an example of what I am talking about. In 2013 the unemployment rate in Lancaster, California was over 10%. Chineese electric vehicle maker BYD came in and in 2014 opened an electric bus manaufacturing plant. The factory offers good paying jobs with benefits and a bright future for growth.

Smart To Take Advantage Of Clean Energy Jobs.

This is the clean energy revolution that will swing the economy for the countries and cities that are smart enough to take advantage of the opportunities.

If you have other success stories for clean energy companies in your country or city, let us know so we can highlight them for our readers. We love comments and we read them all.


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