Solar PV Recycling Program Launched in the U.S.

solar recycling program
First Solar's solar PV recycling program.

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) together with a group of major solar manufacturers, installer-developers including First Solar, SunPower, Flex, JinkoSolar, Panasonic, SolarCity and Trina Solar, have established a state-of-the-art network of recyclers that can manage the waste and end-of-life disposal of solar PV panels.

Since  solar PV systems, solar thermal and concentrating solar power technologies have a life expectancy of upwards of 30 years at some point consumers will need to replace their systems.  It will now be easier for consumers to choose a cost-effective and environmentally responsible end-of-life management for their solar PV products thank to this new recycling program.  After all, concern for the environment is one of the reasons consumers choose solar to begin with.

The SEIA is also planning proactive waste management strategies in an effort to make the entire industry landfill-free. These initiatives include the national recycling network program, and investing in research and development for recycling technologies.


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