Panasonic’s Residential Energy Storage System – Going Off Grid

Untill very recently there have not been very good options for home owners to be able to choose from for how their energy is generated. Typically it is generated by coal, natural gas, nuclear or hydro-electric power with some small percentage of renewable added to the grid.

Now you have so many more options not only as to what to buy, but also the option to consume the energy that you produce yourself. Key to this technology is the ability to sell excess energy produced by your homes solar power system to the electric grid. In order to be able to do this the utility in your area must allow what is called “net metering”.

What energy options do home owners have today

What energy options do home owners have today

Using net metering, the cost of your solar power system with energy storage falls dramatically. If you are not able net meter in your area you should lobby your politicians to get busy and make it happen.

Here is an entry into the residential energy storage market from the global multinational company, Panasonic.


Residential energyv storage systems like this one let homeowners go off grid

Residential energyv storage systems like this one let homeowners go off grid

With this Panasonic residential energy storage system, if it is used in conjunction with an appropriately sized home solar pv system the potential is there for any home owner to go offgrid! The video shows how it works for different times of day. This part is the same for all residential energy storage products.

This technology is very computer and internet ready, with production analysis and results shown in color graphics on your smart phone or tablet.

Please share you experiences with residential energy storage systems either with the Panasonic or any of the many others that are being offered. Our readers are very interested in learning more about this wonderful opportunity to go off grid!

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