Virtual Tour Inside A Next Generation Solar House

The Next Generation Solar House.

The real estate sector drives a large percentage of the economy. Residential and commercial buildings also use a large percentate of our total energy in developed countries. If we are to make real change when it comes to our energy and carbon footprint we will need to do something radically different when it comes to building design.

Solar power is the most likely form of clean energy for building power. Solar and geothermal systems can work independently or compliment each other. The ultimate level for future buildings is energy positive and carbon negative. This means that the finished building will produce more energy than it needs that can be used external to the building to replace fossil fuel generated electricity. This has the effect of being carbon negative.

Researchers and engineering students are working on such building technologies all over the world. Here is an inside look into a solar powered research home designed and built by students at Carlton University.

The next generation solar home will soon be today’s solar home.

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Gordon's expertise in the area of industrial energy efficiency and alternative energy. He is an experienced electrical engineer with a Masters degree in Alternative Energy technology. He is the co-founder of several renewable energy media sites including Solar Thermal Magazine.

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