Visualizing the Scary Reality Of Global Temperature Rise and CO2 Levels

Global Temperature Rise Is A Real Threat To All Of US.

Sometimes it is difficult for the average person to visualize a scientific concept such as how global temperature rise is linked to atmospheric CO2 levels. Straight line graphs or pie charts are great but then there is this.

By combining a time based spyder chart for temperature, side by side with one that shows global atmospheric CO2 levels , you get a mental picture of the problem. It also leaves you wondering where is this going? It seems to be speeding up!

I would suggest that if you have friends or family that do not believe or understand this relationship that you email them the link. The world passed a milestone recently that went by without celebration or fanfare. That milestone is the 400 parts per billion CO2.

How Far Can Global Temperature Rise, Rise?

Now what……..

As an added bonus we have include a video from NASA showing one year in the life of the earth from a CO2 perspective. It seems we are not nearly at the end of global temperature rise.

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