How Long Have We Been Ignoring The Scientific Experts?

How Long Have We Been Ignoring The Scientific Experts?
How Long Have We Been Ignoring The Scientific Experts?

Who Believes What Scientific Experts Tell Us?

Issiac Asimov was one of the most prolific science fiction writers of all time.Amoung other things he was an American author and professor of biochemistry at Boston University. He wrote over 500 books during his lifetime many of which where popular science or science fiction. 

Asimov died on April 6th, 1992. Here captured in video in the late 1980’s he talks about the future dangers of global warming coming from the man made increases in CO2. His answer as to how we will solve this problem resonants today as we try to globally coordinate our efforts. Do we need to have a one world government before we can work together to solve such a problem before it ends all of mankind?

And the latest scientific experts?

For anyone that thinks climate change is something we just realized is happening your should watch this recorded interview with Mr Asimov. The truth is that we have been ignoring thought leaders and experts on this topic or decades. Now with a popularist movement in the US to denie science itself, are we domed to extinction from our own economic development?

See for yourself. If you have never read any of Issiac Asimovs books you should. They are great fun.

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