SMASHsolar Introduces World’s First Direct Attach Solar Modules for Your House

SMASHsolar solar modules

Residential photovoltaic module innovator, SMASHsolar, announced the US launch of , the world’s first direct attach solar module. The mounting-integrated snap together and attach directly to a residential composition shingle roof in less than half the time of traditional mounting systems. SMASH’s snap-together dual-glass module mounting is setting a new industry standard for speed and ease of installation. By slashing the time an installation takes, SMASH allows installers to maximize profits and dramatically lower the cost of going solar for their customers. Called “solar LEGOS®” by installers, SMASHmount saves up to $0.15/W on overall system cost by reducing the number of installation steps by half and number of unique parts to just two.

“It is clear that the solar industry’s rapid growth is reaching an inflection point. We must leave behind outdated ideas and embrace the potential for full adoption of solar,” said Troy Tyler, CEO and Founder. “ is dedicated to making solar accessible by all and our first product does just that. SMASHmount is a disruptive force that transforms residential installations.”

“SMASH is changing the way solar is installed,” explains George Gutierrez II, solar cowboy, and CEO of Solar Alliance located in Central Texas. “In our competitive market we are looking for ways to win customers and cut costs. SMASH achieves both with its elegantly designed and quick to install SMASHmount system.” Gutierrez has signed up for SMASH’s Innovator Program, which gives qualified installers advance access integrated modules, training, and sales support.

“SMASH is designing products that make solar power like any other household appliance – affordable, beautiful to live with, and easy to install,” said Neil Goldberg, SMASHsolar Chief Design Officer and Founder.


The SMASHmount system is the only residential mounting system designed to take advantage of dual-glass solar modules, which have had limited adoption largely because of the lack of an efficient mounting system. “Sunpreme is excited to support the integration of SMASHmount system with our GxB310 and GxB310 Smart modules with integrated optimizer,” said Homi Fatemi, Sunpreme’s SVP of Global Business Development & Strategic Partnerships. “We have enjoyed strong growth in the residential market. We understand our installers’ need to reduce cost and complexity. The SMASHmount system has impressed us on both scores.”

“BASF is pleased to support SMASHsolar in the launch of their innovative SMASHmount product,” said Anil Kumar, Sales & Market Development Manager at BASF. “BASF engineered plastics have been used for over 40 years in demanding field applications such as automotive. For SMASH, BASF engineered plastics provide superior mechanical reliability, UV resistance and contribute to SMASHsolar’s innovative, non-conductive system, which eliminates equipment grounding for their installers.”

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