NAVLY is the World’s First Fully Autonomous, Electric, Driverless Public Transportation Service

NAVLY autonomous electric vechicle
Image courtesy of NAVYA.

Keolis, a global transportation company, announced at the American Association (APTA) Annual Meeting that it is joining forces with to launch , the world’s first autonomous, electric, driverless service.

NAVLY is now being tested in Lyon, France where Keolis operates the bus, tram and subway systems, marking the first time ever that an autonomous vehicle has been used as part of a public transportation network.


Image courtesy of NAVYA.

NAVYA’s ARMA vehicle is an intelligent driverless shuttle that can safely transport 15 passengers at speeds of up to 28 mph. The ARMA shuttles have no steering wheel or pedals, run on a battery, are 100% electric and boast a technologically advanced navigation and sensor system.

The service in Lyon transports includes five stops and covers approximately one mile. The area traversed by the vehicle is free of traffic lights, crosswalks and intersections, and the journey takes about 13 minutes. An operator is on board at all times to ensure the safety of passengers and answer questions.

“Keolis is pleased to be partnering with NAVYA here at APTA to introduce this new and innovative transportation solution to our clients in the U.S. and Canada,” said Keolis North America CEO Clement Michel. “The NAVYA vehicle is safe, convenient and sustainable, and will provide public authorities with an exciting and intelligent new option to meet the growing demand for urban mobility solutions.”

The service was developed with the support of la Métropole de Lyon and Sytral, the local agency responsible for public transport, and complies with France’s safety regulations for allowing for autonomous shuttles to operate on open roads.

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  • Bruce Miller says:

    This is a reality! Not Vaporware, not a draft board dream, it is up and running! Best of all: No diesel fumes!

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