Groundbreaking Advanced Energy Storage Project in California

AMS advanced energy storage
Image courtesy of Advanced Microgrid Solutions.

A second major grid services project is being planned for electricity constrained areas of the Los Angeles Basin.  San Francisco based clean-tech company, Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS), will build 40 Megawatts of fast-response energy storage systems at targeted customer locations in Southern California in order to reduce the demand on key distribution circuits of the grid.  These utility customers will see lower energy costs and increased revenues from grid services programs as a result of hosting the energy storage systems.

This area of California was hard hit by the closure of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.  The 40MWs awarded to American Microgrid Solutions are part of  a larger 125MW project by Southern California Edison (SCE), which will use energy storage and other clean energy resources to supply electricity to thousands of homes and businesses in the area.  Six companies have been chosen to participate in this groundbreaking effort by SCE to replace traditional power plants with clean energy resources while improving electric grid reliability.

AMS will build, own and manage networks of advanced energy storage systems at SCE’s commercial and industrial customer locations.  This will  provide fast-response load control on key areas of the grid.  Some of these host customer sites will receive  a combination of advanced energy storage, demand management software and cutting-edge energy efficiency technologies to manage demand on the grid and avoid the need to build more fossil fuel generation to serve the LA Basin.  The energy storage systems at these sites will lower the energy costs for the host companies since the batteries will lower the building’s demand from the grid duting the most expensive “peak” periods of the day.



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