World’s Largest Bifacial Double Glass Solar PV Installation for a 12.8 MW Utility Project in Eastern US

Sunpreme bifacial solar PV panels
12.8 MW Utility Project - the World's Largest Bifacial PV Installation in Eastern US.

, a US-based solar photovoltaic company that designs and manufactures its own cells and panels, has completed deployment of 12.8 MW of for a large scale power generation utility project, as part of a cluster that added up to 15 MW.  This single site has already delivered over 8 GWhr of clean energy.

Sunpreme’s Bifacial double glass GxB370W panels, with 21.5% cell efficiency and symmetrical architecture, are designed for reliability, including a frameless construction that does not need costly grounding. They have a lower thermal coefficient of efficiency of -0.28% %/C, thanks to a higher Voc of 725-735 mV. This is achieved by using ultra-thin amorphous Si films to create an innovative split p-i-n junction for higher efficiency and lower shunt resistance.

“Sunpreme’s double-glass modules provide STC outputs from 320 W (60-cell) to 390 W (72-cell) and 510 W (96-cell), enabling high performance, cost-effective solar solutions for residential, commercial distributed generation and large utility scale markets,” stated Homi Fatemi, SVP of Global Business Development and Strategic Partnerships. “Sunpreme’s Bifacial double glass solar panels are ideal for extreme and adverse environmental conditions while offering increased energy yield (kWh produced per kWp installed) due to Bifacial boost, robust product reliability, higher lifetime energy yields and significant operational savings, while offering attractive financial returns for 30 years or more.  Sunpreme is working closely with customers on further cost performance optimization as we continue to push the envelope,” added Fatemi.

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