Frampton Community Wind Farm Inaugurated

Frampton Community Wind Farm
Frampton Community Wind Farm. Image courtesy of Boralex.

The Municipality of Frampton, Quebec and Boralex Inc. inaugurated the Frampton community wind farm this week.

Commissioned in December 2015, the Frampton Community Wind Farm, which is located on private land in the Municipality of Frampton, has 12 wind turbines with a total capacity of 24 MW and will supply electricity to nearly 5,000 Quebec households every year until 2035. Owned one-third by the Municipality and two-thirds by Boralex, the wind farm represents an investment of $80 million. It will allow the Municipality to receive over $500,000 in average annual revenue over the next 20 years, in addition to having generated significant economic benefits for the region during construction.

At the inauguration, Mr. Lemaire, President and CEO of Boralex, recognized the exceptional collaboration between the project team, the Municipality and its citizens, and acknowledged the steadfast support of the owners of the land on which the wind farm was built. “This project was signed, built and commissioned within one year, the result of outstanding teamwork between Boralex and the Municipality ofFrampton, which also saved $1 million on construction costs. Another achievement that fills me with pride!”

“The Municipality of Frampton is very proud of its wind farm! The Municipal Council was extremely pleased to partner with Boralex’s team, which skillfully carried out this project,” Mr. Soucy said. During his speech, he also acknowledged the professionalism of Boralex’s staff and the close collaboration of each stakeholder throughout the process.

This is the third community wind farm project commissioned in Quebec by Boralex in less than two years.

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