Calling All Innovative Energy Startups for Zero Net Energy Projects

Zero Net Energy

Prospect Silicon Valley (ProspectSV) is looking for innovative energy startups for two exciting new projects that will shape the way we use and operate buildings in the future. Promising submissions will receive visibility among world-class designers who are developing a suite of new technologies to achieve (ZNE) for the San Francisco-based retrofits, funded by two $3M grants from the California Energy Commission.

The MarketZero project will convert a Whole Foods Market to ZNE and showcase advanced strategies in energy efficiency. The project will include pre-commercial technologies and will serve as a case study for grocery stores throughout California. The Zero Net Energy benefits for the store range from lower operating costs to greater reliability and energy security. The Whole Foods Market that will receive the upgrade is located at 3950 24th street in San Francisco. Project partners include: Whole Foods Market, Arup, SF Environment and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

The InnovateNetZero project will retrofit a historic building in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood, which houses ninety-one, low-income residents and is owned and operated by the Chinatown Community Development Center. The project will apply the same cost cutting strategies that high-end commercial buildings use, while at the same time passing those savings to the nonprofit that runs this housing facility. Project partners include Chinatown Community Development Center, RMW Architects, Integral Group, National Renewables and Energy Laboratory and the San Francisco 2030 District.

The combined efforts of government, nonprofit and business partners in these projects are all aiming toward the goal of achieving Zero Net Energy buildings. These two projects will not only convert these different building types to ZNE, but also showcase what can be done for all grocery stores and mixed-use buildings. Apply now for your chance to have your company’s ideas and tech featured in these groundbreaking projects for the future of sustainable and efficient buildings.

Interested applicants may download the Request for Information at

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