Construction Begins on Moose Lake Wind Project

Moose Lake Wind Project
Artist rendering of Thunder Mountain Wind Project being developed by Aeolis Wind Power in Eastern British Columbia. Image courtesy of Aeolis Wind Power.

Construction of the , developed by Inc. and Corporation , will commence July 18. The project, located in the Canadian province of British Columbia and 24 kilometres north-west of Tumbler Ridge near Highway 29, will have 4 turbines with a total capacity of 15 MW and will create approximately 40 jobs during its one-year construction phase.

Along the flat-topped foothills that parallel the eastern flank of the Rocky Mountains in northeastern BC a WSW wind blows strong and steady throughout the year. And as arrives at the western slopes of these ridges, it accelerates, and then smoothly descends to the prairie below. Some ridges are virtually treeless, while others are sprinkled with flagged specimens bowing ENE. They are sources of wind energy like few places on earth. According to a draft of BC Hydro’s 2013 Integrated Resource Plan (BC Hydro is the province’s major utility), 19 of the province’s top 20 most cost-effective wind farm sites are located there.

The Moose Lake Wind Project, which represents a $70 M investment, completed an environmental impact assessment and received a General Area Licence of Occupation in September 2014.

The Project subsequently received a Standing Offer Program Electricity Purchase Agreement from BC Hydro in December 2015.

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