SmartFlower Partners with EMI to Bring Their Solar Systems to the U.S. Market

smartflower solar system
Classic roof top system compared to smartflower all-in-one solar system. (PRNewsFoto/smartflower energy technology)

energy technology GmbH of Vienna, Austria, award-winning inventor of the world’s first all-in-one patented solar system, and clean energy pioneer Energy Management, Inc (EMI) of Boston, Massachusetts announce their new business union: EMI will be making a major investment in SmartFlower and forming SmartFlower North America, to market the SmartFlower solar systems throughout the US, Canada and Caribbean Islands.

SmartFlower all-in-one solar system was first launched in Europe in 2014. Since then over 1,000 units have been installed at homes and businesses in 20 European countries. Its emotive design and movement inspires consumers: it wakes up at sunrise, fans out its solar panels to 18 m² (194 ft²) and automatically cleans itself in preparation for capturing the sun’s rays. SmartFlower then turns to face the sun at a 90° angle, and follows the sun throughout the day using dual axis tracking to maximize solar energy yield. One SmartFlower produces the equivalent of a 4 kW rooftop system. Its harvested energy can also be stored with integrated batteries and synchronized with smart home automation via mobile devices, freeing owners from reliance on the grid.

US launch 

SmartFlower will be first unveiled to the US public at Intersolar US, San Francisco, 12-14 July 2016.


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