Self Contained Solar Powered LED Obstruction Lighting

Self Contained Solar Powered LED Obstruction Lighting
Self Contained Solar Powered LED Obstruction Lighting

Adding Solar Powered LED Makes All The Difference.

Obstruction lights are aircraft or construction warning lights that are high-intensity lighting devices that are attached to tall structures and are used as collision avoidance measures. Some of these are now solar power and most are moving to LED technology.

Avlite Systems has enhanced their obstruction lighting product portfolio, with the addition of the self-contained solar LED Low-Intensity Obstruction Light (LIOL). Compliant to FAA L-810 photometric requirements. The low-intensity obstruction light is specifically designed for the marking of wind turbines during construction as required by FAA AC70/7460-1L.

Avlite Systems solar LED obstruction lighting products are compact, rugged and come fully self-contained. They offer rapid and easy installation due to the fact there are no external cables or power required. The light unit can be monitored through optional GSM monitoring and can be controlled via optional GPS synchronisation. The obstruction light is virtually maintenance free, has integrated solar panels and user replaceable battery that will exceed five years of service.

“We are excited to release a solar self-contained obstruction light with FAA L-810 photometric compliance for the wind turbine construction market,” said Tara Stewart, Head of Global Sales Aviation, Avlite Systems.

Avlite offers a full range of obstruction lighting, both temporary and permanent, giving customers the ability to mark wind turbines in all phases of construction with a single universal mount reducing project costs.

Avlite leverages LED technology to reduce power consumption and costly maintenance of our obstruction lighting products. We design and manufacture the light with a 7-stage powder coated aluminium body, and the lens is made from LEXAN® Polycarbonate, which is UV stabilised.

The obstruction light also comes with an IP-68 rating.


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