Solar Impulse 2 Takes Off for Historice Atlantic Crossing

Solar Impulse 2 Atlantic
Image courtesy of The Solar Impulse Team.

Another multiple-day flight for , the solar powered airplane, is soon on its way – this time, over the Atlantic Ocean.  Bertrand Piccard will be at the controls for this flight – the first transatlantic solar and electric crossing with zero fuel and zero emissions.

The flight will last approximately 90 hours (timing subject to change) – the longest distance the Solar Impulse 2 team have had to fly this year. Bertrand Picard took off at 6:00AM UTC, 8:00AM CET and 2:00AM EDT on June 20th from JFK in New York and will be landing in Seville Airport.

This is a historic flight.  If you haven’t heard of Solar Impulse, get caught up here.

Follow the fligth live here: .

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