Protea Wave Energy Demonstration Wave Farm Deployment to Commence April, 2016

Protean Wave Farm
Protean Wave Energy Buoy.

Protean Wave Energy Ltd confirmed that, under the terms of a non-exclusive license agreement  with the Southern Ports Authority (SPA), the Company plans to commence deployment of up to 30 Protean wave energy converter buoys at the Port of Bunbury (Demonstration Wave Farm). The Demonstration Wave Farm will be deployed progressively from April 2016 for a trial period of up to 6 months.

The Demonstration Wave Farm is a key step in the commercialisation process of the Protean wave energy converter and performance data will be collected from the Demonstration Wave Farm during the trial period.

Data collected during the trial period will support the pre-feasibility assessment of a commercial pilot wave farm planned for the Island of Hanimaadhoo in the Maldives.

A video about the company:

Bunbury Port is part of Western Australia’s (WA) Southern Port Authority which incorporates the ports of Bunbury, Esperance & Albany, which are surrounded by some of the world’s richest areas of wave energy. Bunbury is the second largest city in WA and is the centre for the South West region as an industrial, tourism and commercial base. Located 182 km (2 hours by car or train) south of Perth, the State capital, from where there are connections to international & domestic destinations.

The Port is a pivot point for worldwide distribution of products from the South West of Australia. Rail and road links enable the Port to capitalise on cargo throughput. It is strategically located to be a natural distribution point which embraces mining, manufacturing, agricultural and pastoral areas. The major commodities that the Port caters for are Alumina (main export), Mineral Sands, Woodchips, Caustic Soda & Silica Sand. Population in the greater Bunbury area is estimated to be 67,0901 .

Electricity in the Greater Bunbury sub-region is supplied predominantly from coal-fired stations at Muja and Collie. There are currently three main terminal/substations that operate in the Greater Bunbury sub-region being Bunbury Harbour, Picton Terminal and Kemerton Terminal 2 .

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