A Music Video Shows Brasil’s Move Towards Solar Power

A Music Video Shows Brasil's Move Towards Solar Power
A Music Video Shows Brasil's Move Towards Solar Power

Documenting Brasil’s Move Towards Solar Power.

Brasil is a country that has relied on hydroelectric power for the majority of it’s demand from many years. Recently climate change has impacted the rain fall in the country which has had the double impact of causing a water shortage in some large cities such as Sao Paulo, and energy shortages due to insufficient water behind the dams that turn the hydroelectric generators.

Moving Brasil towards clean solar energy

Moving Brasil towards clean solar energy

This has caused a realization in the country that they perhaps should look beyond the hydroelectric resources that they have counted on for so long and look to the sun to provide their energy needs and fuel there growth going forward.

Brasil Solar – The Music Video

Here is a video created by a solar power company in Brasil with a sound track so it is sort of a solar music video and worth watching. As Brasil moves to the sun we hope to see larger and large solar power projects and hopefully more videos like this documenting Brasil’s move towards solar power.


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