100 Gwatts of Power Available from the World’s Tides

The Power Available from the World’s Tides at Our Finger Tips to Use.

As the world searches for clean energy sources that can be used to offset the demand for fossil fuels and at least stop the increase in global climate change and CO2 one technology stands out from the rest. Solar and wind energy technologies have an intermittent nature to them that requires some kind of energy storage systems to be developed before we can rely on them completely but tidal energy is very reliable and predictable.

There is over 100 Gigawatts of power available from the world's tides

There is over 100 Gigawatts of power available from the world’s tides

It is estimated that there is somewhere around 100 Gwatts of power available for harvesting from tidal movements around the world. There are many companies working on tidal turbines and other methods of tidal energy conversion and one of the most successful of them is Alstrom. This is not a commercial for Alstrom, but when a company has an available clean energy technology with a proven track record we like to highlight it.

What is inside a tidal energy turbine

What is inside a tidal energy turbine

The Alstrom Tidal Turbine Solution.

Alstrom has been making these tidal turbines for over 10 years with various models and sizes available. The largest turbine blade available is 23 meters in length.

Now is the time to invest in Tidal Energy Technology.

Tidal technology is ready to be implemented around the world, so what is stopping us from taking advantage of it? Our addiction to fossil fuels seems to blind us from seeing the alternatives that are available all around us.

Ask Those in Charge.

Ask your teachers, professors and politicians why we are not investing more money in tidal power and less money in coal and nuclear? Why are not taking advantage of the power available from the world’s tides?

I would love to hear the answers. Here is the video.

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