TPI Launches Second Mexico Wind Blade Plant and Expands its Agreement with Gamesa

Wind Blade Manufacturing facility in Juarez
TPI Composites first manufacturing plant in Juarez, Mexico. Image courtesy of TPI.

TPI Composites, Inc., a global manufacturer, announced today that it plans to open a second manufacturing facility in Juarez, Mexico in the second half of 2016, and that it has signed a long-term agreement with Gamesa to continue to supply wind blades from its existing Juarez, Mexico manufacturing facility and begin to supply wind blades from its second plant.  TPI’s manufacturing capacity in Juarez will be used to supply Gamesa projects in Latin America and the United States.

“We greatly appreciate the trust and confidence that Gamesa has placed in TPI by choosing to expand its relationship with TPI,” saidSteve Lockard, TPI’s President and CEO.

TPI has been operating in Mexico since 2002 and has been building wind blades for Gamesa since 2014. TPI’s new Juarezmanufacturing facility will consist of a 360,000-square-foot building set on a 62 acre site, from which TPI may expand its production capacity to serve multiple customers in the future.

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