Sunverge and Mitsui Form Strategic Commercial Relationship in Japan

Sunverge energy storage
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Distributed company Energy and Japan-based industrial conglomerate Mitui & Co., ltd., have formed a strategic commercial relationship enabling the two companies to collaborate on select market development initiatives starting in Japan. The arrangement complements Mitsui’s $10 million investment that was part of the $36.5 million in Series C Preferred Stock financing raised by Sunverge earlier this month.  

Japan is the second largest market for solar PV growth, which in turn is driving demand for intelligent distributed energy storage solutions,” said Ken Munson, Sunverge co-founder and CEO. “Mitsui has been a pioneer in renewable energy and has made early strategic investments in energy storage, and we look forward to working with them to bring the benefits of Sunverge’s advanced technology to more utilities and energy users throughout Japan.”

Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimated that clean energy investment in small distributed capacity (small-scale solar) in Japan totaled USD $31.7 billion last year, up from USD $28.1 billion in 2014.  In 2015, METI reduced the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) for electricity generated by photovoltaic power for household customers in Japan (10 kW or less) from JPY ¥37 yen/kWh (US $0.33) to ¥35/kWh or ¥33/kWh (, depending on whether output control equipment is required, which makes energy storage more economically attractive.

Sunverge designs and manufactures intelligent energy storage systems that allow electric utilities to automatically execute demand response programs for individual customers or to meet peak energy demand for an entire community or service area by linking them into “Virtual Power Plants.” This level of control, provided via a flexible cloud-based platform, provides more intelligent, automatic and efficient management of distributed energy resources.

“The future of energy depends on the deployment of technologies that support intelligent management of distributed resources, and provides the ability to aggregate those resources into virtual power plants in Japan and across our worldwide network,” said Tomonori Suzuki, General Manager of New Business Development Department, Infrastructure Projects Development Division MITSUI & CO., LTD.  “Sunverge Energy is a proven global leader in developing this kind of advanced technology, making it an ideal investment and strategic fit for Mitsui.”

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