Reseller Network Adds the Blume Distillation Waste to Alcoho-Based Fuel Solutions to its Alternative Energy and Micro-grid Offerings

Blume Distillation Biorefinery

LLC, a provider of production equipment, announced the completion of a Strategic Development Agreement (SDA) with Aufrecht Technologies, an energy analysis and renewable energy system integration service provider. Aufrecht is primarily focused on providing alternative electrical grid and micro-grid solutions.

The agreement enables Blume Distillation’s technology, consultation and solution implementation services to be incorporated into the alternative energy reseller network Aufrecht has built and is aggressively growing. A subsidiary of Centrallo & Company, LLC, Aufrecht is based in Auburn, Alabama and provides service and support access for municipal, institutional and business power projects through its current reseller network in the US and Internationally.

“Working with Aufrecht, we are able to expand accessibility to our Biorefinery technology through a proven network of reseller partners,” said David Blume, Chief Executive Officer at Blume. “Our systems can contribute to renewable electrical production with end and co-product energy surpluses, but our primary solution benefits come from producing variable grades of alcohol for fuel replacement, as well as antiseptic and higher-grade alcohol markets. Our sales consultants will team with the Aufrecht reseller partners providing an opportunity to bring complete micro-grid and power solutions to its technology portfolio. The SDA is a big win for our customers, the Aufrecht network and us.”

Blume Distillation can provide turnkey solutions to produce capacities ranging from 500,000 to 10MM gallons of alcohol-based product per year. The systems feature unique innovations that significantly reduce overall energy requirements providing substantial cost savings in system operation. Blume will be participating with Aufrecht in a three-city Municipal Solutions Tour presenting an array of energy solutions to educational institutions, large business and municipal clients in Michigan and Illinois.

“Aufrecht is pleased to have formalized a Strategic Development Agreement with Blume Distillation,” said Frank Centrallo, Chief Executive Officer of Aufrecht Technologies. “Blume systems extend our ability to provide complete alternative energy solutions to our clients, including universities and municipalities. Aufrecht has specialized in sustainable energy generation systems for nearly a decade and in 2015 started to design and deploy micro grid technologies. With Blume we can now offer our clients systems that reduce landfill waste while producing 99.5% anhydrous bioethanol and alcohol-based products. We are able to help our clients power micro-grids, reduce fleet management costs and carbon emissions and that is exciting.”

According to Tom Harvey, Vice President of Blume Distillation, “Our new SDA with Aufrecht, helps us expand our business presence in key global markets. Our sales team will be working with Aufrecht reseller partners on waste-to-replacement fuel projects and we will be able to draw on that network to flesh out projects with municipality and larger scale clients that are looking to develop and implement comprehensive solutions for creating truly sustainable communities. Our combined solutions will help reduce energy overheads, address carbon footprint issues and drive new revenue opportunities locally. Our teams are a great compliment to each other and enhance energy transformation options for the market.”

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