Solar Bolt Integrates with a Vehicle’s Electrical System to Keep Liftgate Batteries Charged

Solar Bolt

This is an interesting new product offering for tractor trailers (lorries in other parts of the world).

Fleets that utilize liftgates know the speed of a liftgate is dependent on the liftgate batteries’ state of charge. They also know that liftgates that operate faster equals a faster rate of delivery. has developed a new product to help fleets keep liftgate batteries at a good state of charge so that deliveries can be made efficiently.

The Solar Bolt, a patent-pending solar charging system from Purkeys, helps increase charging opportunities for liftgate batteries. This technology converts energy from the sun in order to charge the liftgate batteries. According to Purkeys’ Sales and Service Engineer Larry Rambeaux, the Solar Bolt ensures liftgate batteries get the optimum charging time because it charges when the truck is both on and off.

“If other charging systems are on, the Solar Bolt will still raise the voltage to the liftgate batteries to reduce the electrical load on the tractor,” Larry said.

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