Ener-Core Completes Construction of 2-MW Power Oxidizer Unit

Power oxidizer

Ener-Core, Inc.,  provider of power oxidation technology and equipment that generates clean power from low-quality and waste gases from a wide variety of industries, completed primary construction of the first-ever 2 MW-sized in December 2015. The unit was assembled on the industrial site of Combustion Associates, Inc. in Corona, CA, and will be integrated with a gas turbine to create the first-ever fully integrated 2 MW Powerstation based on Ener-Core’s proprietary technology. 

Power Oxidizer 2the volume of waste gas that can be used as a fuel to generate energy with this larger-size Power Oxidizer is more closely aligned with the volumes that are produced by most of the industrial facilities within Ener-Core’s current commercial pipeline. Second, the economies of scale associated with this larger unit are expected to result in a significantly lower and hence much more attractive cost of power generation.

The 2 MW prototype unit will be used initially to complete the testing of certain operational performance parameters required by a purchase order received by Ener-Core in August 2015. This testing, also known as the “Full Scale Acceptance Test” or FSAT, is the final technical milestone of Ener-Core’s product scale-up efforts. After the FSAT is completed (expected in Q1 2016), Ener-Core will commence construction of the two next-generation units to fulfill the purchase order.

“The construction of the first-ever 2 MW Powerstation unit represents a significant milestone in the development of our industrial-sized product offerings and an important step toward completing the final validation of the feasibility of Ener-Core’s groundbreaking technology to operate at much larger power capacities than what we have installed and operated to-date,” said Ener-Core’s CEO, Alain Castro. “At some point, most utility-scale power technologies must prove that they can surpass the 1 MW size threshold, in order to be able to address the needs of the utility-scale power infrastructure market. We are on the cusp of making this historic step in the next few months.”

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