New Product Integration for Solar Installers in the US and Australia

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Helioscope screenshot.

Folsom Labs, provider of sales & engineering software for the solar industry, and nearmap, provider of high-resolution imagery, today announce the integration of their products. The combined solution streamlines the sales & engineering process for solar installers in Australia and the United States.  

“We are delighted to partner with Folsom Labs on this product integration,” said John Elsholz, head of North American Inside Sales for nearmap. “We are finding tremendous customer overlap, as both nearmap and HelioScope are extremely strong in the Australian and US markets. HelioScope users have come to expect accuracy in their designs – and with the quality of nearmap high-resolution imagery, they can now take that accuracy to the next level. Customers love working with the combined product!”

Folsom Labs VP Sales & Marketing Paul Grana agreed. “This partnership gives customers the best of both worlds: high-quality imagery from nearmap, combined with powerful design tools from Folsom Labs. It’s a perfect partnership – and another example of our drive to work with best-in-class partners to provide our customers with the best possible tools to quickly and effectively design & deploy solar arrays.” Tal Shiri, Folsom Labs engineering lead for the integration, added, “We prioritize features that are critical for our customers. Integrating nearmap has already provided an immediate benefit to our customers worldwide.”

One such customer is EnterSolar, a solar developer based in New York City. “I love the new combination of HelioScope and nearmap,” said Edgar Lim, Engineering Director for EnterSolar. “We had already been using HelioScope for fast, high-quality layouts and proposals. Now, with integrated nearmap imagery, it’s like a retina display for HelioScope. We can spot each vent, no matter how small. And we can tell the difference between a skylight and a different-colored roof membrane – all before visiting the site. It is partnerships like these that really help to reduce the soft costs for solar installers.”

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