Vivint Solar And BlueWave Announce Community Solar Agreement In Massachusetts

community solar in Massachusetts

Vivint , a provider of distributed energy systems in the United States, and BlueWave, a solar development and FinTech company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, have announced an alliance to offer residents of Massachusetts the opportunity to become BlueWave community solar members.

Vivint Solar and BlueWave will sell community solar memberships in Southeastern and Central Massachusetts where BlueWave is constructing two solar farms. These projects are located in Oxford and Fairhaven, Massachusetts, which will provide electricity savings to nearly 250 customers as early as March 2016.

Community solar allows more residents to access low-cost, clean solar power without putting panels on their roofs. It’s a great solution for those households that reside in multi-unit buildings or do not have suitable rooftops for installation.

“We are pleased to align with BlueWave on this new offering,” said Jan Newman, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Vivint Solar. “We love being able to provide more opportunities for people to go solar and know that community solar will be a solution for many households that are wanting the economical and environmental benefits of solar, but may be facing some installation restrictions.”

“Community solar is a great product that’s revolutionizing the energy market,” said Chris Gosline, Managing Director at BlueWave. “It’s simple, it’s accessible, and we are thrilled to have Vivint Solar as our partner in bringing community solar to residents acrossMassachusetts.”

Vivint Solar and BlueWave plan to expand community solar across Massachusetts and take the product to new markets throughout the U.S. in 2016.

Image credit: “Hudson House, Oxford MA” by John PhelanOwn work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Commons.

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